Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration Services

If you live in the Southern United States, you know that hurricanes, thunderstorms, and floods occur frequently. However, you do not need an act of nature for flooding to occur in your home or business. A leaking appliance or broken pipe can cause just as much damage. Immediate action is required in any case to prevent further flood damage to your home and belongings. AWE Diversified Services is available 24/7 with the necessary equipment to address small spills to floods. Our train technicians will do a thorough inspection to assess the damage and provide flood cleanup as well as flood restoration services, and stop any leak at the source. We will dry every inch of your home and have it restored to its original condition.

Why to count on us:

  • We ensure higher salvage values for damaged goods.
  • We help reduce disruption in business during shifting and reconstruction.
  • We reduce loss and save time and money for reconstruction.

When the unwanted water wrecks your home or business, call for cleanup & restoration services from AWE. You can count on our clean up team to remove all unwanted water and complete all the necessary remediation.

Our Drying services eliminate moisture from damaged materials. Drying is speedily accomplished with desiccant dehumidifiers and high velocity air blowers to remove the water from every nook and cranny of your property. Whether water is in your cabinets, carpets, wallpaper, or furniture we dry them all..