AWE Diversified Services is the premier Demolition Contractor providing light demolition in Charlotte, NC. We do demolition jobs for decks, green houses, swing sets, and sheds, with same day, next day, and weekend services available. We serve Charlotte and ALL surrounding areas.You can call, text or email us a few pictures of what you want picked up. We offer FREE estimates!

Construction debris and remodel debris:
Carpet tear out and disposal
Toilets, sinks, tubs, showers
Kitchen demolition
Drywall demolition

Outdoor items:
BBQ pits
Lawnmowers and lawn equipment
Old tools
Swing sets
Hot tubs, spas, or above ground pool
Yard waste, plants, and yard debris
Scrap metal
Patio Furniture

Small outdoor structure demos:
Shed demolition
carport, fence tear down and removals

Clean outs:
Garage, shed, barn, and attic clean outs
Property and estates clean outs
Foreclosure clean outs Eviction clean outs
Nursing home clean outs
Rental clean outs
Storage unit clean outs
Warehouse clean outs
Hoarder clean outs
Business clean outs

Residential and commercial services.


Is your pool no longer suitable or are you looking for a new interior? Want to demo your drywall or kitchen? Next, you will want to know what the process entails. Your hunt for service ends here, with AWE Diversified Service.

Pool demolition:

We demolish a pool in one of two ways: Either by partially deconstructing the structure and covering it with debris or by totally removing the pool before covering the cavity with dirt. Partial pool demolition involves the following steps:

  • Water is drained from the pool.
  • Your filled-in pool area will be drilled with holes to prevent water from collecting underneath.
  • We will deconstruct the side walls without completely removing them.
  • In order to prevent further sinking, the demolished tile and coping will be compacted in the pool area.
  • Finally, the top of the demolished pool with soil and re-sod.

Complete pool demolition includes complete breakdown of the entire pool. Concrete, shotcrete, tiles, and other pool parts will be hauled away instead of being buried as a backfill.

Drywall demolition:

Whether you are renovating a room, installing an appliance, or repairing a wall, you may need to remove your drywall. Safe, efficient drywall removal requires care and precision that AWE can provide you. The process includes:

  • We locate the obstructions behind the wall, such as pipes and electrical fixtures and prevent tearing or cutting them.
  • We protect your furniture and other appliances by either removing them or covering them with tarp.
  • Our experts remove the mold and pull out the drywall.

Kitchen demolition:

Our fully versed team uses extensive safety measures to work on your kitchen demolition. Be it cabinet removal or eviscerating your kitchen, you don’t have to rent a sledgehammer. All you have to do is contact AWE Diversified Services. If you just want updated cabinets or an old kitchen with cracked counters, we can handle it all. We can help you with sink removal, fixtures, drains, tile, backsplash, appliances, and even the whole kitchen. Let us know exactly what stays and what goes. There is an empty, clean space with countless possibilities on the other end of this process!

Interior teardown:

Our service doesn’t stop with kitchens we can help with interior demolition also. Interior demolition necessitates extensive planning and might take several days to execute, depending on the scope of work. Starting from scratch, we execute a predetermined strategy. Our team will prepare for the job and bring in all essential equipment and trucks. From wrapping of appliances, to removal and sweeping up all areas, we can help you with just about any interior project.